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Dry in 30 minutes

Providing your employees with a safe, hygienic environment from which to work should be a high priority for any business. Cluttered workplaces put a strain on staff productivity, whilst dirty office environments can become a hotbed for harmful bacteria.

Professional office carpet cleaning in the North West

Insta Clean’s office carpet cleaning provides a tailored service to help businesses across the North West maintain a professional and productive workspace. With top quality products and many years of cleaning experience, we can offer a fast, cost-effective solution that will impress you, your staff and your clients.

Having clean carpets can reduce the risk of allergies amongst staff, defeat unpleasant odours and give your workplace a facelift that will impress stakeholders, employees and visitors alike. Insta Clean NW achieves this by combining innovative services, experienced staff and environmentally friendly products to offer a deep clean of your office carpets.

Our Texatherm carpet cleaning system offers unrivalled speed. It mixes unique chemical technology with heat, agitation and reaction. As such, we are able to offer a professional office cleaning service that thoroughly extinguishes harmful bacteria from your carpets and allows them to dry in no more than 30 minutes.

On top of that, our cleaning products are of the very highest quality. We guarantee that you will not experience any of the stretched or split seams you might encounter using a regular cleaning solution. This not only helps to maintain your office’s aesthetic and hygiene; it makes sure you won’t have to re-carpet your office any time soon.

Impress Clients

Businesses understand better than anyone the importance of making a great first impression, and our carpet cleaning experts ensure your workplace looks immaculate for those important client visits. We don’t only aim to create a welcoming environment for your staff; we also want to guarantee your business looks spotless for your VIP guests.

Stop Bacteria

Everyday, mud, gravel and dirt are brought into the office as employees arrive at work. It is then easy for the bacteria from the carpet to be transferred to workstations, meeting rooms or break areas. Regular office carpet cleaning is therefore essential to alleviate the build-up of unpleasant sights and smells that might facilitate illness.

Maintain Condition

Your business may have a great number of employees, clients and customers using the carpet on a day-to-day basis. In time, without proper care, the carpet will eventually wear down. When that happens, businesses could be faced with an eye-watering quote in order to redecorate the workplace. Our cleaning service, however, helps to keep your carpets in mint condition, avoiding the risk of a huge bill in the future.

How does Insta Clean NW clean Office Carpets?

When we partner with your business, Insta Clean will use its very own system to ensure the best quality clean. Used by our experts and based on a large amount of experience, we mix hot water extraction, combination cleaning and wet pick up. This guarantees a deep, wet clean for your workplace but also allows carpets to dry in as little as half an hour. Together, this ensures your business gets incredible results with speedy work and at a competitive price.

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