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Every day, schools and universities will see dozens of students coming and going through their classrooms, assembly halls and corridors. As such, their floors can very quickly become unclean. If they do, it can cause long-term damage to the decor of the building and quicken the spread of harmful bacteria to students and faculty.

School and University cleaning in the North West

Professional cleaning is essential for any school or university, and Insta Clean NW is able to provide this service efficiently, quickly and with excellent results. With many years in the cleaning industry, we have worked with institutions big and small to offer a tailor-made service that keeps your flooring hygienic, pristine and safe.

At Insta Clean NW, we pride ourselves on outstanding cleaning and fast drying. Our experts, based in Liverpool, use top-of-the-range products that give both a deep wet clean and dry in as little as 30 minutes. This allows us to provide a service that is as thorough as it is rapid, both of which we understand are major concerns for colleges and schools alike.

We endeavour to use products that are environmentally friendly, leave no sticky residues and avoid splits seam damages you can find from some carpet cleaning solutions. Furthermore, our service can be tailored specifically to the requirements of your particular establishment.

Having a clean school or university can offer a myriad of benefits to your institution. Good hygienic practices can help to improve attendance levels in classes. It can also help support learning for your teaching staff. Research also links cleanliness to academic performance, happier staff and healthier students.

Impress Future Students

It is not only important for educational facilities to look after the wellbeing of their current students; they must also appeal to prospective students who may wish to enroll in the future. No student will be impressed by facilities whose upkeep has not been maintained. However, our fast and efficient cleaning service can guarantee your school, college or university looks immaculate.

Stop Bacteria

The wellbeing of a school or university’s students is paramount. Their health and safety will be of great concern to every single faculty member. Our service aims to facilitate this by utilising the best products available to guarantee they are entering the cleanest and most hygienic space possible.

Maintain Condition

All too often, certain areas of schools or universities can fall into disrepair without being properly and professionally cleaned. Our mission is to ensure it never comes to this. Insta Clean NW’s cleaning experts use products that are safe, environmentally friendly and help to maintain the condition of your flooring and furniture.

How does Insta Clean NW clean schools and universities?

Insta Clean NW has provided cleaning services to a variety of schools, colleges and universities around the North West. In doing so, we understand the need for providing a quick service tailored to fit around the needs of your students and faculty. Furthermore, we appreciate the importance of using only the very best, eco-friendly products that avoid harmful chemicals. Our fast, thorough cleaning service can tackle areas big or small, from staff rooms to lecture halls, from classrooms to corridors.

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