No matter what your business is, your office or shop will give potential clients and customers a first impression that could influence whether or not they choose to work with you. Which is why keeping a clean and tidy commercial space is extremely important.

One important part of this office cleaning involves your carpet, where a stained or unclean floor can really affect the success of your business. Which is why, to keep your office in tip top condition, you should consider commercial carpet cleaning through a professional company. Indeed, proper carpet cleaning could really benefit your company.

Don’t believe us? Well, here are 3 ways professional carpet cleaning can affect your business:

1. It Will Improve the Overall Appearance of Your Business

It might seem obvious, but a clean carpet will improve the overall appearance and appeal of your business. Just think, if you walked into an office and you saw a dirty carpet covered in stains, most likely, you would feel disgusted and hesitant to work with this company. Even if that company is at the top of their field. It just doesn’t look professional.

The thing is, by having a dirty carpet, it reflects badly on who you are as a company. As, if you don’t bother to take care of your own carpet, why would you take good care of any customers or clients? Which will be very off-putting to anyone who visits your business.

Worse still, dirty carpets don’t just look unsightly, they can also be smelly. Having an unpleasant smell in an office environment does not make for a nice place to spend time in. So, if you have a shop or an office space where you hold meetings with clients, people will want to actively avoid your premises – which will likely lose you business.

Now, you could try and clean these carpets yourself. However, if they are very bad, you will likely need industrial strength carpet cleaning methods to really deep clean and remove stains and odours. Plus, if you use something like a steam cleaner you have at home, you’ll find it won’t work as well and your carpet will be back to its sorry state before you know it.

So, by investing in professional carpet cleaning, you’re actually investing in the success of your business. As, by showing that you take the time and energy to really care for your office and want it to look pristine, it reflects that you’ll work hard to look after anyone you work with too. Indeed, it might even help your business become more successful!

2. Your Carpets Will Last Longer

Carpeting an office or a shop can be an expensive investment, which is why you should do everything that you can to improve the lifespan of that carpet. Otherwise all that money will have gone to waste and you’ll have to buy a new carpet sooner than you thought – which isn’t ideal when you want to keep your business expenses low.

Well, to make your carpet last longer, it’s important that it’s kept clean. As, not only does a clean carpet look better but, when a carpet has a lot of dirt on it, this dirt can destroy the fibres in your carpet leading to bald spots. So, the dirtier your carpet is, the sooner it will wear down and need replaced.

It’s important to note, that even if a carpet looks clean and is hoovered often, it can still be getting damaged from unseen mess. Just think, if you have a lot of people regularly entering and leaving your business, a lot of grime will be getting walked into your carpets from these people’s shoes.

Which is why, to help get rid of all the dirt and allergens contained within your carpets, you should consider commercial carpet cleaning one to two times a year (depending on the number of employees and clients/customers regularly visiting your premises).

This small business expense will save you a lot in the future, particularly when your carpets last years longer than they might have lasted without professional carpet cleaning.

3. It Could Improve the Health of Your Employees

While a dirty or smelly carpet can be extremely unattractive, many of us forget that it can also be very bad for our health too. Particularly if you have any employees who suffer from asthma or allergies.

For one, us humans shed a lot of dead skin a day, this falls and ends up in our carpets, becoming a tasty dinner for creatures called dust mites. If your carpet isn’t regularly vacuumed and steamed, these dust mites will breed and produce an alarming amount of faeces. Many people are allergic to these faeces, which can cause itching and breathing problems.

Similarly, if a carpet is stained and has been subjected to moisture, it can be easy for mould to grow under the fibres. This mould be very harmful to our health, especially when the spores are released into our breathing space. Over time, you might find that your employees become ill as they are getting exposed to these spores every work day, which leads to time off.
Staff absences can be very costly for a business, particularly if this time off becomes regular or affects a number of people in your workforce. Yet it can be easily prevented when you choose carpet cleaning to keep your flooring allergen free.

While regular vacuuming will help keep allergens and dust at bay, to really kill off all the allergens present and any mould, you should look to get professional carpet cleaning once or twice a year. You won’t regret it when your employee sick days start falling!

Commercial carpet cleaning might not be at the top of every business owners to do list, however, there is no denying the benefits it can bring. Indeed, some might say that a clean carpet is the first step to a successful business!

If you’re interested in hearing about how Insta Clean can help improve your carpets, just get in touch today for a free quote.