Choosing the wrong carpet and upholstery cleaning company, one without the relevant skills and equipment to deal with your specific job, can leave you frustrated, out of pocket and back at square one.

Our guide to finding the right local carpet cleaning company gives you the guidance and support you need to choose a reputable service provider who can offer a job well done at a reasonable price.

Use word of mouth.

Asking friends, family or colleagues to recommend a local carpet and upholstery cleaning service in your local area is usually the most reliable way of finding a company you can trust.

Many of us will need to use a specialist carpet and upholstery cleaning company on an annual basis to ensure that the carpets and soft furnishings in our homes remain hygienic and in great condition. Those of us with pets and small children should look to have our carpets cleaned every 3-6 months while large, busy families with a high footfall through their home may wish to arrange a maintenance cleaning schedule with a visit every 12 weeks.

When looking for a recommendation, it’s important to enquire about areas aside from cost – as the cheapest company around may not always offer the best service. Ask your friends and family if the carpet and upholstery cleaning company they used were friendly and knowledgeable, came with good recommendations, arrived on time and worked efficiently and, most importantly, find out about the standard of the service offered and whether the cleaning crew were respectful of their home and belongings.

Don’t just focus on price

While your budget may be restricted, price shouldn’t be the only factor when deciding which company to choose for your carpet and upholstery cleaning job. Often, people looking for a local carpet and upholstery cleaning company will perform only a quick google search based on geographical location, selecting the company that provides the cheapest of a couple of quotes.

While money is an important consideration, anyone offering a price that sounds too good to be true may not go on to provide the level of service you’re hoping for, resulting in a need to have the job redone or damage rectified (if this is possible.) Shop around for a competitive quote but expect to pay a reasonable sum for a job well done.

Good things come to those who wait

While waiting for an operative from a busy carpet or upholstery cleaning company to become available can be frustrating, a business that’s thriving and booked up well in advance is usually a positive sign and means they’re great at what they do. Beware of booking the first company that can offer an appointment and take your time to shop around for the best carpet and upholstery cleaning company in your area – the time taken will be well invested.

Ask about training and accreditation

Ask the local carpet and upholstery cleaning companies you approach for a quote to providing information about the professional training their operatives receive and what sort of equipment and cleaning materials they’ll be using to complete your job. Operators trained via the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) or National Carpet Cleaner’s Association (NCCA) are trained to operate at a higher standard within their field and are usually the most skilled and dedicated professionals to handle your carpet and upholstery cleaning job.

Don’t feel embarrassed to ask for this sort of information, as you’re spending hard earned cash on a professional service and should expect certain standards to be met. And if a company isn’t willing to share, take this as a sign to go elsewhere.

Request testimonials

Many carpet and upholstery cleaning companies have a Facebook or Google Business page where they can direct potential customers to read testimonials. Some companies may also publish reviews on their own business websites and sites like Trust Pilot  and are great places to gather honest testimonials from genuine customers. Make sure you read at least five to ten reviews for any company – a reputable business will be happy to supply these if none are available online. It’s also reasonable to ask to be put in touch with a couple of recent customers to speak with someone personally, if preferred.

Ensure a company is insured

Ask any local carpet and upholstery cleaning services you’re seeking quotes from to provide information about their insurance policy, in case any element of the job goes wrong. Questions to ask include what sort of cover they have and the amount that can be paid out should a costly error be made. Steer clear of companies who can’t provide proof of a robust insurance policy.

Proud and professional

Does the carpet and upholstery cleaning company look like a professional outfit that’s proud of its brand and guards its reputation? If the operative providing your quote arrives in a branded van, has branded stationery and is wearing a uniform, these are all great signs that the company are invested in their reputation and proud to provide a good level of service.

From the person who answers the phone on initial contact to the operative who arrives to provide your quote, everyone representing the company should be friendly, professional and respectful – if you experience this with a company, it’s a great sign that you can trust them with your property and possessions as they’re clearly trying to build a reputable business, not take your money and run.

Get an onsite quote for stain removal

When organising a general or maintenance clean for your home carpet or upholstery, it’s quicker and often more convenient to discuss the job and receive a quote over the phone. If your carpet or upholstery cleaning job requires stain removal, however, it’s advisable to ask a company to visit you to determine the nature of the stain and discuss potential outcomes.

It’s not always possible to guarantee carpets can be restored to pristine condition if damaged badly by a specific substance and it’s important to be honest about what has been spilled on your carpet and whether you or another family member has already tried to clean the stain (and what substance was used in the attempt.) Your carpet and upholstery cleaning company need all the available information to make an informed decision and provide an accurate price.

For large scale and complex jobs, an onsite visit is also the norm and will provide you with an accurate quote that represents good value for money. All reputable companies should be happy to invest in a visit at a time to suit your schedule.

Having someone quote in person is also a great opportunity to meet a representative from the company and to assess what it might be like to work with them. It’s a great idea to have someone with you when they arrive to quote, so that you can get a second opinion when making your decision, so ask a family member or friend to keep you company.

Guarantee a guarantee

A reputable carpet and upholstery cleaning company will offer some form of money back guarantee should the job not be completed to your satisfaction, or should any problems occur along the way that result in damage or a job taking much longer to complete than originally anticipated.

Ask what sort of guarantee a company can provide and to see this information in writing. If you decide to go ahead and use a company, they should also provide you with something in writing that states what the job will cover, a fixed price you’ll pay and provides contact details (phone, email and business address) where you can get in touch with the person in charge if anything goes wrong.

You might also wish to ask a company if they have a complaints procedure should you be unhappy with any element of the service provided, so you know what to do if things don’t progress as planned.

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