Why choose a commercial carpet cleaning service?

Most business owners employ a caretaker or team of commercial cleaners to keep their premises clean, tidy and looking professional on a daily or weekly basis. While these employees do a great job in many areas, they often lack the specialist skills and equipment needed to keep carpets in commercial properties in top condition.

Vacuuming with a domestic strength vacuum cleaner removes only the top layer of dirt and dust. As carpets are also a breeding ground for allergens, mites and other parasites like fleas, skin mites and lice, it’s important to have them professionally deep cleaned regularly in order to protect the health of your staff and visitors (along with keeping your office space looking and smelling attractive, welcoming and professional.)

Carpets in shops, offices and restaurants are subject to a much higher volume of footfall than domestic carpets so will therefore need cleaning much more intensively and regularly to remain in pristine condition.

If your office carpet has been subject to food, drink or ink spills or other damage from industrial chemicals, a commercial carpet cleaning company will also be able to help you rectify or minimize this rather than replacing the carpet.

What are the benefits of using a commercial carpet cleaning company?

There are many benefits to using a reputable, professional commercial carpet cleaning company rather than attempting to deep clean your own workplace carpets (or simply leaving them to gather dust and debris for long periods.

Promoting good health– take care of your employees and visitors with workplace carpets that are free from dirt, dust and parasites. Regular commercial carpet cleaning will ensure that your staff suffer from less allergies, particularly those with asthma who may be more susceptible to dust and mites found in carpets. Healthy staff are more productive and take fewer sick days, resulting in increased revenue for your business.

Creating a great first impression – imagine walking into an office for an initial consultation to be met with stained, grubby, dusty or damaged carpets or floored by a musty smell. Clean carpets look great and smell sweet, creating a professional, attractive and harmonious environment for potential customers and potential new recruits.

Minimal disruption – when hiring a commercial carpet cleaning company, staff will come to your workplace at a mutually convenient time – usually outside business hours -so there is no disruption of your working day.

Staff will also bring their own specialist equipment and cleaning products and will do the heavy lifting of any office furniture or fixtures that need to be moved for intensive carpet cleaning. They’ll also ensure that everything is set to rights once the job is complete, leaving your workplace as they found it (but with pristine carpets!)

Time saving – attempting a commercial carpet cleaning job yourself is time-consuming, especially as your business premises are likely to be much larger than your home. Sourcing the right carpet cleaning equipment and cleaning products along with learning how to use these effectively, moving furniture, the cleaning process itself and getting everything back to normal once the work is complete can eat up valuable time better spent generating more funds for your business.

Money saving – carpets are expensive, particularly for large office spaces, and replacing worn out or damaged floor coverings can be a big investment. If you rent your business premises, keeping them in good condition may also be part of your contract and you’ll be required to cover the cost of any spills and damage before your deposit is returned on vacating the space. Keeping them in good condition through regular professional cleaning will protect your investment and means that you will have to replace carpet less frequently.

How often should I invest in commercial carpet cleaning?

This depends on the nature of your business, the footfall that your carpets receive and whether your carpets receive regular spills and stains (for instance, if your business premises welcome pets or children regularly.)

Contrary to popular myth, regularly cleaning your carpet will not shorten its life or make its appearance worse – quite the opposite, in fact.
It’s best to regularly schedule maintenance cleaning for your commercial carpets before they are heavily soiled as this will keep them in optimum condition.

The idea of a preventative program is to invest little and often in your carpets to prevent large scale, costly restorative cleanings further down the road. Regular cleaning will also ensure that your carpets remain in peak condition and looking great from day to day.

More intensive / deep cleaning and stain removal should take place at least every 12 months to give your carpets a little further TLC, with high traffic areas needing a deep clean every 3-6 months. You can best gage when your carpet needs this sort of attention by eye – if it looks dirty, shabby, soiled or smells unpleasant, it’s time to call in the experts for an additional visit.

How can I keep my commercial carpets in good condition between professional cleanings?

Make sure that your commercial carpets are vacuumed at least once a day and that you spot treat any spills immediately with a specialist carpet cleaning product. Commercial deep cleaning should take place at least once a month for high traffic areas and at least once a quarter for lesser used areas like meeting rooms.

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