Keeping your carpets clean can be a real challenge, especially if you live in a family home or busy workplace. Spills and stains are all too common. Unfortunately, standard store-bought cleaning products just don’t get the job done. That’s where Insta Clean NW can help.

Here at Insta Clean NW, we’re here to help keep your home or business premises’ carpets looking as good as new without compromising on hygiene. By removing all the deeply ingrained dirt and grime, our expert team of Liverpool carpet cleaners will leave your floors looking flawless all through your home.
So, what makes Insta Clean stand out from the crowd?

Here, we take a closer look at what sets our skilled team apart from the competition.

What Makes Insta Clean the Best Carpet Cleaner in The Liverpool Area?

Although there are plenty of carpet cleaners offering their services in the North West, Insta Clean is proud to be leading the way in the industry. Thanks to our extensive experience and expertise in the field, you can rest assured that the services we offer are second to none. We are specialists in carpet and upholstery cleaning and have adopted a cutting-edge advanced cleaning system that ensures the best possible results on every floor that we treat.

Not only that, we’re also proud to offer an outstanding level of customer service for each and every one of our clients. You can rest assured that we aren’t happy until we’re sure you’re completely satisfied with the result that we’ve achieved.

Domestic and Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Unlike some other companies operating in the North West, we offer both commercial carpet cleaning and domestic carpet cleaning services. Whether you need a professional clean of your flooring in your home or whether you require a deep clean of your workplace’s carpets, we can accommodate your needs and requirements.

We can offer you highly competitive prices according to the extent of cleaning required and the number of rooms which require cleaning, and we even offer multi-room discounts to make our service even better value for money.

For our commercial clients, we are pleased to offer a long-term carpet cleaning plan whatever the size of your business. From small premises to the largest-scale workplaces, we can work with you on a long-term cleaning plan that will ensure that your floors stay looking their best while giving you the best possible value.

Our Cleaning Processes

One of the elements that sets up apart from many of our rivals in the Liverpool area is our advanced cleaning system. This can be adapted for use on both carpeted and hard floors for a fully comprehensive solution to keeping your flooring looking perfect.

Our process involves hot water extraction – a highly efficient method which allows cleaning to a deep place in the bottom fibres of the carpet, removing deeply ingrained dirt, grime and bacteria and removing it efficiently for a hygienic and spotless result. Our system has an intelligent design which incorporates a low moisture Texatherm cleaning process that has an incredibly short drying time of only thirty minutes.

This will ensure that your carpets are ready to walk on again within just half an hour – it’s never been easier or more convenient to have your carpets thoroughly cleaned!

Our Upholstery Cleaning Service

Not only do our expert North West team offer second-to-none carpet cleaning services, we also offer an upholstery cleaning service too. Most homeowners don’t know how to clean upholstery effectively or thoroughly and therefore, this is a task that is best left to professionals with expertise in this area.

Upholstery can become very grimy and unhygienic very quickly. Fabric-covered sofas often end up covered in marks and stains which cannot be removed with regular cleaning products, but when you come to Insta Clean NW you can rest assured that your sofas, chairs and cushions are in the safest hands.

You can depend on us to offer a safe and effective upholstery cleaning service that will remove any unsightly spots and leave your furniture looking completely flawless, with all unwanted bacteria and germs removed.

Why Choose A Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Company?

Many homeowners and business owners think that they can save money by cleaning their own carpets and upholstery. After all, times are tough, and finding ways to cut costs couldn’t be more important. However, they find that trying to reduce spending in this way is false economy. Commercially available cleaning products are often insufficient to remove deeply ingrained marks and stains and could even end up making the problem worse.

Some store-bought products can actually damage your upholstery or carpets, leaving worse marks than you began with or causing colours to fade. The expense of rectifying the damage or replacing the carpet or upholstered item can far exceed the cost of arranging for a professional carpet or upholstery cleaning company to come in and do the job properly.

A professional company that specialises in carpet and upholstery cleaning like Insta Clean NW has all the necessary tools, equipment and professional-quality products that will ensure a perfect result every time. Since our team have all had extensive specialist training in how to use these products and tools to get the best possible outcome you can depend on us to get the job done without causing any further damage.

Arranging Your Carpet or Upholstery Clean

Are you ready to arrange for your carpets or upholstery to be cleaned today? We’re proud to be your number one choice for carpet cleaners Liverpool and North West region. Check out our reviews on our website to see how many satisfied customers we have already served.

Contact our professional team now by completing our online web form or giving us a call. We’re happy to give you a free no-obligation quote for the work that you need carried out. We’re looking forward to helping you to get your home or workplace carpets and furniture looking their best as quickly as possible.